Why ‘Save a Stranger’

On  the 24th May 2018, I sat with my husband at a local restaurant having a celebratory meal for his 45th birthday.

20 hours later I sat at his bedside in the Critical Care Unit and watched him die. The Police presence at the hospital reflected the fact that this was a sudden and tragic death that should never have happened.

Consequently, I have launched a campaign in Adams memory that aims to create positive change to potentially save lives.

How you can help

Duty To Rescue Petition

Duty to Rescue Law A ‘Duty to Rescue Law’ is a law used in some countries in Europe and other parts of the World. It is a legal requirement for citizens to assist people in distress, unless doing so would...

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Learn Basic Life Support (CPR)

HOW TO DO CPR BY ST JOHN AMBULANCE CPR is an important life skill. Once learned it has the potential to save lives. Please take a look at these short videos, so you are better informed. You never know when...

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Our Goals

Save a Stranger Campaign has two goals, to:

  1. introduce a ‘Duty to Rescue Law’ into UK Law
  2. help more people learn Basic Life Support (CPR).

On behalf of all of Adams loved ones, I would like to thank you for any support you can give to our campaign.

Clare Lovatt

Thank you also to Brian & Judy Evans for organising the ‘Pounding the Streets for Adam’ campaign and everyone who donated last Autumn 2018, which helped to fund the launch of this campaign.

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